Highway to Heaven at TIFF + VIFF

I had the pleasure to edit the NFB production Highway to Heaven, directed by Sandra Ignagni, which will have its world premiere at TIFF ‘19 followed by screenings at VIFF ‘19 and elsewhere.

From the NFB website:

“A place utterly unique in British Columbia and the world, Richmond’s No. 5 Road, also known as the “Highway to Heaven,” hosts a multitude of faiths. Side by side are numerous houses of worship, including Buddhist temples, a Sikh gurdwara, Hindu and Swami temples, Shia and Sunni mosques, Christian churches, and Jewish, Islamic and Christian schools. Filmmaker Sandra Ignagni merges beautiful, carefully framed images with a symphonic soundscape that illuminates the intimate lives of the faithful. An evocative documentary that is both a meditation on multiculturalism and a subtle critique of the tensions that underlie cultural diversity in Canada today.”